Tim grew up in rural NSW, where the bleak surrounds helped spawn a hunger for a creative escape. After having spent much of his late teens performing and touring with many of his own bands, Tim decided to migrate to Sydney to study music production in 2001.

In the summer of 2002 Tim was hand picked by Studios 301 to begin an internship. From that point it wasn't long before his drive and ambition garnered the attention of many of the industry's elite. For instance, Tim cemented a recurring role assisting and engineering for some of the worlds most respected producers, and eventually landed himself the role of in-house engineer at Studios 301.

After entering into the in-house producer role at Studios 301 in 2009, Tim continued to build his reputation and body of work. The confinement and often sterile nature of a commercial studio; together with Tim's love of finding unique and remote recording locations, led him to ultimately take on a more freelance approach. This new approach has been conducive to the development of his own brand of 'sonic catharsis', which has become the mainstay of his production aesthetic.

Put simply, Tim's production focus always centres on the music. This includes considering how the recording environment can augment the production both sonically, and with regard to the creative satisfaction for producer and artist.

It's about finding that perfect fit for an artist--from the song, to the players, to the gear and the room. Tim is renowned for helping to fine-tune and compliment artistic direction without needing to cookie-cut art in order to see it fit with any preconceived notion of what music should be.

From obscure post-rock to ARIA award winning production, as well as countless iTunes and Spotify number ones, this multi-platinum selling producer and mix engineer is proudly defying genre typecasts. This mentality has seen Tim work with a multitude of artists from all over the world, ranging from all corners of the stylistic spectrum.

It is Tim's unabashed honesty, his technical proficiency, his work ethos, his unique creative vision, and a perpetual dedication to finding the crux of any project he is immersed in that makes him stand out amongst his peers.

Some of Tim's career highlights include;
- Urthboy
- Matt Corby
- Muscles
- Ernest Ellis
- The April Maze
- Wolf Eyes
- Vydamo (Jim Finn from AVS)
- The Lazy Calm (Tim & Jean)
- Jay Z
- The Herd
- Gurrumal
- Julia Stone
- Bag Raiders
- Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
- Something With Numbers
- Mark Ronson
- Ky├╝